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I wanted to feel safe, but I was afraid. I wanted to be big, but I was small. I wanted to be strong, but I was weak. I wanted to heal, but I killed. I wanted to be soft, but I grew hard. I wanted to be compassionate, but I was critical. I wanted to be normal, but I was odd. I wanted acceptance, but I got rejection. I wanted forgiveness, but I got punished. I wanted to be heard, but nobody listened. I wanted be acknowledged, but I was ignored. I wanted to be loved, but I was abandoned. ... Read More


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Learn two emergency meditation techniques that will help you deal with tough, anxious situations – and you don't have to be sitting on your meditation cushion to use them!Maybe vipassana mindfulness meditation teachers don’t explain this correctly to newcomers, but you’re supposed to learn to be mindful 100% of the time. Sometimes the relief you get from early meditation experience is so pleasant that you think that it will only happen when you are doing your formal meditation practice. Not true! If you meditate consistently, you will start feeling that calm state of mind and body at other times. When ... Read More


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Learn the most important tips for getting the most out of your Sober Buddha vipassana meditation practice. Don't forget -- you'll benefit in exact proportion to how consistently you practice!Adding a vipassana meditation practice can change your life forever. You’ll un-stress, learn to concentrate, handle problems more easily and generally be much happier, more productive person. For Sober Buddha Counseling students, here are important tips for getting the most out of your practice. Remember, you will benefit in exact proportion to how consistently you practice. 1. Meditate 20 minutes a day to start. When you are comfortable, go to 30 ... Read More


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Swiss psychologist Carl Jung wrote this letter to a colleague in September, 1957. Jung had spent decades investigating the depths of the human imagination and was particularly uncomfortable with what he considered the invasiveness of modern technology. Just imagine how he’d feel about today’s digital obsessions! Dear Professor Oftinger: Unfortunately I am so old and tired that I am no longer able comply with your wish. You maybe assured, however, that I have every sympathy with your project and understand it only too well. I personally detest noise and flee it whenever and wherever possible, because it only disturbs the ... Read More


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From now on you better be careful not to question authority too much. Don't express a negative attitude even when faced with absurd rules and regulations. Don't defy anyone above your pay scale even when you have the moral high ground. Never argue, and definitely don't let anyone know you're annoyed even when you have a right to be upset. With the exception of neurologically-damaged persons, nobody is ever permanently stuck in any state of mind or emotion. To call someone "bad" because of a stage of development they are going through is a psychological crime.Michael Hoffman, Sober Buddha CounselingIf ... Read More


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Do you and your therapist suffer end-of-the-day burnout when it’s time for your 6:00 p.m. appointment? Have stress and compassion fatigue left you both flat? Do you get the feeling that neither of you really wants to be there? What can you do when four cups of coffee, three Red Bulls and deep yoga breathing techniques just don’t perk you up? Aha! Spray solves the problem of therapy fatigue and boredom. This pocket-sized, mind-altering aerosol spray puts the intellectual thrill and emotional depth back into therapy by instantly entering the nasal passages and accelerating the production of energetic thinking neuropeptides ... Read More


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I want to finish my "Scandal" marathon on Netflix first. It's from Satan. The Adderall makes me too jittery to sit still. The kids keep interrupting me. My husband said it's a fad. I don't believe what Anderson Cooper said about it on 60 Minutes. I've been meditating every day for three months, and I'm still not enlightened. Going to the gym makes me feel better. Health insurance doesn't cover it. Yoga's better for you, isn't it? I thought vipassana was a kind of Italian sausage. I heard you have to become a vegetarian. Let me see if cognitive-behavioral therapy ... Read More


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The vipassana mindfulness meditators I know have mellow lives. They work hard, take care of their loved ones, keep fit, pay their bills and return my texts. They're sober, honest and take responsibility for their actions. Most of them are well educated, kind and open-minded. They have a moral value system that prevents them from doing and saying things that cause mental, physical and social anxiety. Showing kindness and compassion to themselves and others just seems to be their style.When the Buddha taught vipassana thousands of years ago...[i]t wasn't about shaving your head, wearing ochre robes and eating cruciferous vegetables. ... Read More


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Guesstimate how much $$$ you'd spend on beer and junk food before/during/after each game. Before the SuperBowl, invest that total amount in the Vanguard Tax-Free California Bond Fund. Guesstimate for the SuperBowl, too. Double it, and invest again in the same fund.   About Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman Facebook Twitter Google+Professional counselor Michael Hoffman motivates clients to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs. His mindfulness meditation techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their psychological and spiritual potential. He is a Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD) and a certified hypnotherapist (CHt).Share ... Read More


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Sober Buddha Counseling reports an increase in mature adult and spiritually-oriented clientele during 2014. The median age rose by 26 years. Vipassana mindfulness meditation clients increased to nearly 250%, while participation in Buddhist and Jungian depth psychotherapy increased many times over. Clinical hypnotherapy clientele tripled. The number of couples and families wanting to meditate together has also increased dramatically. Fewer current clients claim previous addictive disorders, while those in recovery report needing a deeper spiritual experience than they find in 12-Step programs. Addiction and relapse prevention clients decreased between January and November 2014. The expanded blogsite and listings on ... Read More